Research Tools


• Meaning in Life Questionnaire - MLQ

• Gratitude Questionnaire - GQ-6

• Adult Hope Scale - AHS

• Inspiration Scale - IS

Mindful Attention Awareness Scale - MAAS

• Personal Growth Initiative Scale - PGIS

Satisfaction with Life Scale

• The Silver Lining Questionnaire 

• Subjective Happiness Scale- SHS

VIA Inventory of Strengths -VIA-IS (email contact information:

• Attributional Style Questionnaire -ASQ (email contact

• Curiosity and Exploration Inventory - CEI (email contact information:

• Older Adults' Attributional Style Questionnaire -OAASQ (email contact information:

• Psychological Well-Being Scales (email contact information:

• Quality of Life Inventory -QOLI (email contact information:

• State-Trait-Cheerfulness Inventory -STCI

• Transgression-Related Interpersonal Motivations Inventory -TRIM  (email contact information: