About Us


Maytiv (Hebrew for “Doing Good”) was established in 2010 at IDC Herzliya, Israel by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, an eminent Positive Psychology teacher, lecturer, and best-selling author. Dr. Ben-Shahar, taught a course at Harvard University that was the most popular course in Harvard. The Center operates under the School of Psychology, headed by Prof. Mario Mikulincer, Dean of the School and internationally renowned psychologist. The center develops and conducts intervention programs in schools and kindergartens according to the core principles of Positive Psychology.

Maytiv’s Mission
To enhance the emotional and physical wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Our Vision
Maytiv strives to improve the lives of people with research-based interventions. We aspire to be an integral part of educational institutions’ curricula around the world. Maytiv is dedicated to training the trainers, and empowering these change agents to bring about positive change in their classrooms and communities.

What We Stand For

Excellence in training with continuous scientific research, program evaluation and improvement.
Focus on increasing happiness levels, encouraging moral behavior, and facilitating self-defined success. ​
Expanding access to our programs to improve global wellbeing.