Author Submission Guidelines

Online submission

IJRM has started using an online submission and review system, the Elsevier Editorial System (EES). It is internet-based, very straightforward and user-friendly. We expect using this system will shorten both the review and publication times. First-time submissions can only be processed if they are submitted via EES.

Please submit your article online by registering first as a first time user. The system works by logging-in, and submitting by transfering word processing, graphic and statistical files. The files are converted to PDF format which are then transferred to the reviewers, editors and publisher.

After registering as a user and submitting your paper, you will be informed by e-mail at each stage of the process (i.e., whenyour manuscript has been received, when it is given a reference number, and when a decision has been made). You check on the progess of your submission, you just have to login as an author using the special details provided when you first register.

Technical tips:
  1. Please ensure that your e-mail server allows receipt of e-mails from the domain "", otherwise you may not receive vital e-mails.
  2. We would strongly advise that you download the latest version of Acrobat Reader, which is available free at:
In case of technical difficulties, please contact Elsevier's Support Department at


IJRM Manuscript Checklist

(submitted through the online Elsevier Editorial System)
1) Blind, Word-formatted Manuscript. Do not covert file to plain ASCII or to PDF

* Manuscript is double-spaced with wide margins.

* Blind title page.

* No reference to the authors’ identification anywhere in the text.

* All pages are numbered consecutively.

* Abstract on a separate page: concise, avoid very technical language or equations, state main findings (must be self-contained), emphasize the new and important findings of the work and the main take-aways.

* List of keywords.

* Illustrations and tables should be labeled properly. Indicate in the body of the manuscript where the tables/figures should appear.

* Figures and tables may be submitted as invidual files or as 1 file. Do not convert to PDF, please.

* In-text citations and bibliographic references formatted following the APA style (see

* For the final version only: Acknowledgements should appear in a page before the References.

2) Separate Title Page containing:

* Full title of paper.

­­­* Full names and complete institutional affiliations of all authors.

* A footnote with the name, postal address, email address, and telephone and fax numbers of the corresponding author.

* Information about grants received and acknowledgements.

3) Completed Author Submission Form

* Note: no need to repeat the answers to some of the questions if you have already incorporated these in your cover letter.

4) Cover Letter: encouraged but not required.

5) Please notify the Editor of previous publication or current submission of this manuscript or parts of it.

For other submission guidelines, please go to the IJRM page at Elsevier .
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