Replication Corner: Outline


Marketing is probably one of the fields with the highest ratio of unsolved problems to researchers. This might be the reason for the relatively low tendency to replicate results of others studies. Nonetheless, as in any other field, replications are one of the building blocks of the structures of knowledge. Replications are important for knowledge accumulation, and for gaining greater understanding into new and/or important effects.


IJRM has created a new journal section, Replication Corner; researchers are invited to submit replication notes along with data. The replication should be performed for an important, interesting, or recently discovered phenomenon. This will be the chief criterion of the review process and the decision to accept the replication note. Replication Notes should be short - a couple of pages long. Figures and tables will be posted online together with the data and will be available for future use by scholars who wish to run meta-analyses or compare findings.


It may be important to stress that we encourage replications of behavioral as well as quantitative phenomena. In any case, we are primarily interested in conceptual replications rather than exact replications: that is, authors are asked to replicate with a predefined deviation (e.g., added or relaxed constraints, modified product category or range of parameters, etc.). This way, the field can learn more about the relevance of the effect and, possibly, about its boundaries and underlying mechanisms. This means that reports about failures in replicating results are equally important for this corner.