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Decision Making Research @ IDC Herzliya

​Provost's Welcome

During 2013 the Dean’s Forum of IDC devoted several meetings to deal question of how to expand research activities of its members.  Among the many ways IDC has adopted to incentivize research efforts of its faculty the Forum decided to launch a campus wide research project that will included participants of all its Schools.

After a period of deliberations the Forum decided that we will embark on a project on Decision Making. Among the reasons for choosing this topic were:

​• Decision Making is a central topic in Social Sciences.
​• ​Many of our faculty members are active researches in the area.
​• ​Decision Making is a topic that offers the potential of Interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary collaboration.
​• ​A research project in Decision Making has the potential of making a serious scientific contribution.

The standing of IDC, at our 20th anniversary, is strong domestically and internationally. My expectations are that the crops of the Decision Making research project at IDC will bring to our institution worldwide recognition as a leading research center in the Social Sciences.

Prof. Rafi Melnick
Provost, IDC Herzilya