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Rothschild Caesarea Center

MBA Program

The Rothschild Caesarea Center offers a minor that is open to MBA students majoring in finance who wish to learn more about capital markets and risk management.

Program Requirements:

1. All participants must take Prof. Rafi Eldor’s course Futures and Options.
2. All participants must take either the course described in clause a (Debt Instruments and Markets) or both of the courses described in clause b (Multinational Financial Management and Risk Management). Participants also may take all three courses.     At least one course must be taken for a grade and not on a pass/fail basis.


  a.  Debt Instruments and Markets: The course is taught on five consecutive

       Sundays for the full day. Exacts dates are announced when the program begins. 
       The course is open to both students and practitioners. 


  b. Multinational Financial Management and Risk Management: Students who
     select this option must take both of these courses. It is not possible to take only
     one of them. All written material distributed in these courses, including exams,

     is in English. The lectures are in Hebrew or English and students may submit

     papers in Hebrew or English. Please read the course descriptions below carefully. 
     Students are required to participate in all sessions. Grades are based

     on quizz  that are given during the course.


The courses