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Rothschild Caesarea Center
B.A. Program

The Rothschild Caesarea Center’s undergraduate minor in capital markets and risk management is designed for business administration students specializing in finance who are interested in learning more about the capital market. Participants must successfully complete three required courses and two elective courses.

The program consists of several components. The required course Options and Futures Contracts helps students acquire basic knowledge of the characteristics and methods of calculation that are the basic tools in risk management. The required courses Risk Management and Introduction to Insurance provide students with a firm base in general risk management and the insurance market. Students in the program also are required to deepen their knowledge in at least two more fields through elective courses. This year, students can choose from the following courses: Life Insurance and Pensions; General Insurance; and Analysis and Management of Credit (credit risk management).
Outstanding students who fulfill the admission requirements set by the Caesarea Center Committee may participate in a special expanded version of the program, which includes the course on Fixed Income. Students who complete this program successfully receive a certificate.
The expanded version of the program is part of the executive education program the Caesarea Center offers to MBA students majoring in finance and financial market executives.


Program's admission requirements