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(3) Attitudes of Hispanics toward Israel

Shir Marom Melnik & Amnon Cavari 
US demographics are in the midst of a shift that is transforming the racial tapestry of American society, the main cause of which is the burst in American Hispanic population. The rapid growth of the Hispanic population bares many consequences, including specific implications on American public opinion toward Israel. In this report we discuss the electoral importance of the Hispanic population and trends in support for Israel among this group. Using an extensive database of surveys collected at the APOI research lab, we examine and analyze (1) the overall support for Israel within the Hispanic and non-Hispanic American public, (2) the differences in support for Israel between US-born Hispanics and Hispanic immigrants, and (3) the support for Israel among Hispanics registered to vote and non-registered Hispanics. Our findings reveal that the assimilation process increases support for Israel among this immigrant community. Specifically, we show that Hispanics who were born in the US and Hispanics who are politically involved are more supportive of Israel than those who are first generation immigrants and are not involved in the political process