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UK Shadow Security Minister at the 10th Annual Herzliya Conference: "We need to rebuild what it means to be British.”

Baroness Pauline Neville Jones, the British Shadow Security Minister addressed the audience today at a session entitled, ‘Rising to the Challenge of Radical Indoctrination’ by explaining that there is a great deal of ignorance surrounding the issue and what the government needs to do in order to solve this problem. “One form of extremism leads to another and in the end; it is a battle of values. This is the biggest challenge, since it is these very values that are being exploited.”

The Baroness suggested four tactics that need to be implemented. First, there needs to be a prevention strategy, to prevent extremism brewing at the core. Second, the government needs to address the population as individuals and not as groups. Third, is the promotion of patriotism to which she remarked, “What values are you asking people to adopt if there is no strong sense from within; in this regard, we can learn from the U.S. as to how we identify ourselves.” Neville-Jones stressed that if the basis is about values, the country needs to know and believe in their values in order to expect others to adopt them. The fourth tactic is consistency. The government cannot say that they do not allow certain agendas in their country and then resume negotiations with Hezbollah. “I do not believe there is such a thing as a political wing of Hezbollah; Hezbollah is a movement.” She stressed that in order for cohesive and trustworthy communities to come about, the government cannot teach something and then act in a contradictory manner. By speaking with Hezbollah, they are acknowledging them as a political party, which the Baroness strongly disagrees with.

She concluded her speech by emphasizing that in order to fight radicalism the government needs to create a framework that sets policies as a single society and limits what is not included in this.     

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