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Prof. Yishai Beer was appointed as Dean of the Radzyner School of Law at IDC Herzliya


Prof. Yishai Beer was appointed as the Dean of the Readzyner School of Law at IDC Herzliya, as of the academic year of 2010-2011.


Prof. Beer holds a BA from Hebrew University and an MA from the London School of Economics. He earned his PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and was admitted to the Israel Bar in 1985.


Prof. Beer joined the law faculty at Hebrew University in 1986 and his main field of interest is taxation of financial products and nonprofit organizations. He was a visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School in 1990-92 and he is visiting currently at NYU Law School.


Prof. Beer serves also as a Major General in the IDF. Beer military career began when he was drafted in 1974 and joined the paratroopers' brigade. He took part in the 1976 rescue operation in Entebbe which freed Israeli hostages held in Uganda by Palestinian terrorists. He completed his mandatory service in the IDF in 1978 and continued to serve in the reserves rising through the ranks and combat commands until commanding a paratrooper's brigade (as a colonel) in 1995 and the Edom division (as a Brigadier General) in 2000. He also was then commander of the IDF's brigade commander's course. In May 2002 he joined the IDF's general staff when he was appointed President of the Israeli Military Court of Appeals and promoted to Major General. In 2007 he was made Corps (3-5 divisions) commander and also serves as commander of the IDF's division commander course.


Prof. Uriel Reichman, President of IDC Herzliya welcomed the appointment, and added "Certainly the appointment of Prof. Beer will contribute to the development of the Radzyner School of Law and will enrich the IDC Herzliya's academic activities and leadership values".