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The 10th Annual Herzliya Conference 2010, goes live on social media



For the first time since it first convened ten years ago, it will be possible to receive live updates from the Herzliya conference via the social media Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


The Asper Institute for New Media Diplomacy, housed at the Sammy Ofer School of Communications at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, has launched the initiative this year of broadcasting the Herzliya conference on social networks. A communication center for social networks and new media will be set up and maintained throughout the conference, which will broadcast tweets from the conference presentations, upload videos for YouTube and post continual updates on Facebook. Director of the Asper Institute and Dean of the Sammy Ofer School of Communications, Dr. Noam Lemelstrich-Latar, who initiated and is leading the project says that "the purpose of the project is to bring the issues discussed at the Herzliya conference to the internet, a space that enables dialogue with different international audiences who are important to Israel -- a dialogue that nurtures involvement."


The communications center will be operated by student volunteers from IDC, who specialize in social networks and new media, subject areas that are currently studied as part of the curriculum at the Sammy Ofer School of Communications. In addition to broadcasting the content of the conference, the communications center will produce other materials, to which the general public has never been exposed: behind-the-scenes photos of the conference, interviews with some of the speaker on issues discussed at the conference, and more.


The task of bringing the Herzliya Conference to the social networks was entrusted to David Saranga, until recently the Consul for Media and Public Affairs at the Consulate of Israel in New York City, and currently a faculty member of the Asper Institute at the Sammy Ofer School of Communications. One of the first diplomats in the world to use new media to convey Israel's narrative, Saranga explains that "one of the goals of the project is to enlist organizations and private bodies in Israel and abroad, for whom Israel is both relevant and important, in order to enhance the message of the conference. This is one of the first projects ever undertaken, whose purpose is to enhance the message emerging from the Herzliya Conference, by allowing organizers to tap into the potential of the social network."


The topic of Israeli public diplomacy and the means which are available to the Israeli government in this realm will also be discussed at two different panels on the conference program, entitled "The Battle for the Narrative". One of the panels will deal with the new media currently availiable to decision-makers, by means of which the Israeli narrative can be presented to international public opinion.


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