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Global Engagement
Networks & Consortia

IDC participates in several global consortia. These platforms allow us to learn, network, create one-to-one partnerships and develop programs for our students and faculty.

Global Law League

The Radzyner Law School is partner in the Global Law League, which was formally established in a celebratory meeting held at Tilburg University in The Netherlands on June 21, 2012. The League brings together 21 leading law schools from around the globe, including NYU and Northwestern in the United States, McGill University in Canada, Tsinghua University in China, Sciences Po in France, Sidney University, FGV Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town University, National University of Singapore, Hong Kong University, and the National Research University in Russia.

The aim of the LSGL is to promote legal education and scholastic research from a global prospective by:

• Fostering academic debate on the impact of globalized law, and creating a research agenda for this purpose

• Encouraging academic debate on the impact of globalized legal education, and taking practical initiatives to develop new methodologies, courses, programs and teaching materials

• Stimulating and facilitating cooperation in education and research among its members

• Engaging in debate with stakeholders in all fields of legal practice so as to stimulate

• facilitate international cooperation among legal practitioners.

• Report by Coral Kratenstein, with photographs

• IDC Herzliya is one of two Israel member universities in the 
WUStL Global Scholars Academy