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Global Engagement
Internships in Israel

Increasingly we offer partners the opportunity to enhance the learning experience with an internship, either on or off campus.

The flagship program in this regards is run with the National University of Singapore Read More >>

U Penn 
The University of Pennsylvania also send us summer interns Read More >>

iASE programs
Interested in Start-ups?
Join Now - The CO-OP Start-up Experience Course Intern in Israel's hottest start-ups while still at school.
Gain real-world experience. Enhance your network. Boost your CV.
To meet the startups and apply for the CO-OP course/internship, register for the "CO-OP matching event" on Jan. 5th, 2016, at 17:30
The course is offered in the second and summer semesters by the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship.
Participation at the event and course is limited! Register before 3/1/16
For registration and details Click Here >>