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Global Engagement

Collaborative Research Projects, Awards & Prizes
IDC Herzliya is a research-intensive institution of higher education. We manage a portfolio of over 100 funded grants and projects annually. Our faculty publish hundreds of articles in peer-reviewed journals, and present their findings at many leading events around the globe. Though we as yet do not have doctoral programs we host many doctoral and post-doctoral researchers on campus every year.

Collaborative Projects

European Reaserch Council (ERC)

International Research Grants and Projects
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Research Authority
IDC Research Blog

Co-Authored Publications (from Coolcite)

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Masaryk Chair

The Czech government has awarded IDC Herzliya with funds to host a Chair. The Masaryk Distinguished Chair enables us to host visiting Czech academics.

Research Opporatunities

Visiting Lecturers and Scholars
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(under development)