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Global Engagement

Additional Programs
Our global engagement activities are also to be found in the following institutional activities

Executive Education (LLL)
Our executive education unit caters to a wide assortment of international partners, where our specialty is in custom designing programs. See for complete information.

Unique International-Oriented Honors Programs
The classroom today is the global stage. Two of our flagship programs that prepare our students for global leadership careers are:
Argov Fellows Program in Leadership and Diplomacy
Zell Entrepreneurship Program

Students of IDC Herzliya engage in extracurricular activities that better prepare them for the real world.
Some of these activities include:
Model UN Club
The Berman-Lippa Family Foundation Debate Club
The Jean PIctet IHL competition

IDC – Business Connection
(under development)

IDC International Advisory Council, Governing Board and Alumni Groups
The international flavor of IDC Herzliya is felt in many ways. We are proud that we are supported, academically and financially, by wonderful people the world over.
IDC Executive
External Relations
Alumni Association

IDC and Israel
We at IDC Herzliya do not live in a vacuum. We are a private institution working for the public good.  As concerned citizens of the State of Israel we advocate for our rightful place among the family of nations.
NoCamels is an example of our advocacy bringing Israeli innovation to the attention of the world.