"Makom Balev"

 “To make one old dream a reality, you need a million dreamers who don’t close their eyes” (Ehud Manor)

The IDC Alumni Association is dedicated to help reduce the gaps in Israeli society by making education at the IDC accessible to students whose life circumstances have prevented them from realizing their full potential.

The Alumni Association promotes a unique program: “Makom BaLev” (A Place in the Heart) through which IDC alumni help fund scholarships for students from low income backgrounds who wish to study at the IDC and benefit from higher education in one of Israel's leading academic institutions.

The Alumni Association offers its members the opportunity to contribute to one or more
of the following IDC projects:

•“Keren Or” scholarships for students with academic potential who are from development towns.

•Scholarships for outstanding Ethiopian youth.

•Scholarships for students from a low income background.

•The Lea & Naftali Ben-Yehuda Study Skills Center.



Donations can be made via:

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Bank transfer:
Beneficiary: The Interdisciplinary Center Herzlia
Bank:  31 – The first international bank of Israel LTD                        
Branch: 064 – Zamarot Branch (Zamarot 2 Herzeliya Israel)                                           
Acc No: 007234                                                                                                                                                 
IBAN: IL870310640000000007234

Banker’s check:
Payable to IDC Herzliya and may be sent directly to:
The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya
P.O. Box 167,
Herzliya 4610101