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IDC Herzliya encourages students to be active in a wide range of areas in addition to their studies, and offers a variety of community service projects in which students can participate.

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The purpose of the Career Development Center at IDC Herzliya is to help prepare students and graduates to join the labor market.

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 Student quote:
 Shany Marianowsky, Cali, Colombia
“I grew up in Cali, Colombia and moved to Miami, Florida when I was 10 years old. I decided to come to Israel because I have lots of family here and I truly believe that Israel is the best place to study, experience, and grow. I wanted something different than the typical experience in the United States nd I succeeded in finding that difference. So far,
IDC has been amazing. The campus is beautiful, the faculty is so eager to help, and I have ade friends from all over the world.”