Graduate Scholarships

International Aid:


SAP (Students Assistance Program)
Offers loans and scholarships to Canadian students. Financial aid is also available through your province. For further information visit: and

AACI (Canada Scholarship Fund)
This fund is intended for Israeli citizens holding Canadian citizenship, who are studying towards a Bachelors Degree at recognized universities and colleges in Israel.


The Danish-Israeli study Foundation in memory of Josef and Regine Nachemsoh
The Foundation grants with scholarships to Danish students for studies at universities and other institutions of higher education in Israel. The application is due December 31st.


Financial aid for students is intended to provide an income to financially needy students whose parents are not under obligation to finance their studies and who are not eligible for aid under some other provisions.
Financial aid is provided in the form of the following benefits: Study Grant, Housing Supplement and government guarantee for student loans.


PESSA Et Rebecca Blumenkoph
The fund promotes the stay in Israel of French students wishing to complete their studies. This scholarship will be awarded in consideration of the quality of the studies pursued and the financial status of applicants.


Child Support
The German Government awards the student's parents with monthly allowance.


Students up to the age of 30, having Dutch nationality, enrolled for a full-time higher education course of studies, are entitled for a governmental grant. This means a student railcard, a basic scholarship per month for a maximum period of 4 years and a loan for three years.

The fund for Dutch citizens
Dutch immigrants and their descendants fund works closely with the Association of Jews from Holland, distributed annually for scholarships to students.

South Africa

Sam Cohen
A SA Private fund that support students with scholarships. The student has to contact Bronwen Kubelun at: / 011-728-7433

The South African Zionist Federation (Israel), known as Telfed, support SA students who made Aliya and award them with educational scholarship from funds that have been donated by the public to assist students residing and studying in Israel.


CSN Centrala studiestödsnämnden
CSN are working to determine and pay the Swedish student financial aid, grants and loans for those studying in Sweden and abroad. Study assistance consists of grants and loans. You also have the opportunity to borrow money for extra costs such as tuition fees, travel and insurance.


Free Application for Federal Student Loans (FAFSA):
American students are eligible for Direct Stafford Loans (Subsidized, Unsubsidized and Plus loans) as part of the Direct Loans program of the US Department of Education.
Please click here for Consumer Information (Process, School Code, Policies, Regulations).
Please contact the RRIS Financial Aid office via e-mail once you apply for FAFSA and if you have any difficulty in accessing the information online.
The American Jewish League
The American Jewish League (AJLI) for Israel has a unique University Scholarship program that awards qualified American students with partial scholarship grants toward a year of study at one of Israel's prestigious Universities.

The Anna Sobol Levy Fellowship for MA Government
The Anna Sobol Levy Fellowship is open to students interested in the MA in Government with specialization in either Counterterrorism and Homeland Security or Diplomacy and Conflict Studies. The purpose of this fellowship is to provide future US leaders considering military or government service an opportunity to learn first-hand about Middle East regional politics, culture, and security affairs. Accepted applicants receive a generous scholarship that covers the Masters’ tuition fees.
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Jewish Community Aid:


The Jewish Agency and the Israeli Government co-sponsor the Masa project to encourage young Jews who are not Israeli residents to study in Israel. Students up to the age of thirty-one, who have not been to Israel on a long term program before, are eligible for a grant from Masa to go towards tuition at the Raphael Recanati International School. Students will receive an initial grant based on their country of origin and can apply for additional funding of up to $10,000 US which is awarded based on financial need. Application forms for Masa must be completed online at Please note, Masa is an independent initiative and therefore its criteria for evaluating scholarship requests may differ from those used to evaluate requests for the Raphael Recanati International School Scholarships.

Nefesh Be'Nefesh

To obviate the fiscal obstacles, Nefesh B'Nefesh provides significant financial assistance to eligible Aliyah candidates. All financial assistance is vested after a three year period. Any Aliyah candidate who emigrates from Israel within the designated three year period is obligated to return the financial grant to Nefesh B'Nefesh.

Minhal Ha'studentim

The Government of Israel helps with tuition of graduate degree for new Olim under the age of 30 (provided the Oleh does not already have this degree from abroad and that the program that you choose is recognized by Minhal HaStudentim).

Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA)

Military Aid:


HESEG Foundation provides full academic scholarships and living expenses to qualified applicants. Preference will be given to candidates who are recognized by HESEG as lone soldiers, who have come to Israel to volunteer in the IDF. This is a loan soldier's scholarship for first year students, applicants will need to show certificates of Excellency.

Gruss Fund

For IDF veterans.

RRIS Scholarship:

Merit based scholarship

The RRIS takes the liberty to award excellent students with Merit scholarship based on their previous performance. Students don't apply for this scholarship, the RRIS admission office will notify you if relevant. .
Volunteering for Scholarship:

It is "Big Brother" volunteering project, organized by the Student Union. You can apply online and get a scholarship towards volunteering hours.

The South African Zionist Federation (Israel), known as Telfed, offers to volunteer in the organization towards a scholarship.