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Applicant Status
  1. Applicants who do not submit all required information and documents with their application forms, but intend to do so at a later point, should note this at the 

    appropriate place on the application form.

  2. Applicants must submit all information and documents to the Admissions Office no later then August 15, 2013 in all cases.

  3.  Applicants who submit unofficial copies of documents will be evaluated based on the documents they submit. If they are accepted, they must submit an official copy of the document within the date written on their acceptance letter. Applicants who do not do so risk having their acceptance withdrawn and their application reevaluated during a later stage of the application process.

  4. The Admissions Office will notify applicants upon receiving their applications .The notification will indicate whether the entire application was received or only parts of it. In the latter case, it will list what the applicant must submit to complete the application process.