Application Process

1. The application process consists of two stages:

    Stage A: Evaluation of the information the applicants submit; grades from previous 
    academic studies; GMAT results; and evidence of professional experience.

    Stage B: Applicants who successfully pass Stage A will be invited to an interview, at
     the discretion of the admissions committee.

2. The admission requirments for the Global Business Leadership MBA program include: an undergraduate degree, GMAT test results and recommended 2-3 years of professional experience. 

3. The admission requirments for the Global Strategic Management MBA program include: An undergraduate degree or graduate degree with distinction, 

GMAT test results and analytical score of 5.5. Superior personal achievements and exceptional analytical and communication abilities will be assessed in a series of personal and case studies interviews. Significant work experience is not a pre-requisite. 

4. The admission requirements for the Innovation & Entrepreneurship MBA program include: an undergraduate degree, Full GMAT results (3 parts of the test: verbal, quantitative and analytical)  and a special evaluation process that involves interviews, during which the applicant must demonstrate business entrepreneurship or leadership skills as well as strong interpersonal skills.

5. IDC Herzliya has an equal opportunity admissions policy and does not discriminate
    between candidates based on race, gender, religion or nationality.

6. The admissions committee will evaluate and reach decisions (accepted, waitlisted or
    rejected) within 45 days of the deadlines for the regular and late application periods.

7. Applicants who are accepted must complete the application process by paying a
    tuition deposit. Paying the deposit is a commitment to study at IDC Herzliya in the
    coming academic year and to comply with the tuition regulations.

8. Applicants who are accepted but do not pay the deposit described above in clause 8
    will be considered to have withdrawn their candidacy to study at IDC Herzliya and
    their place in the class will be given to the next person on the waiting list.