The Arison School of Business was establised in 1995 and almost immediately became a leading academic institution with more than 700 students and approximately 20 permanent faculty members. The Arison School of Business has created innovative undergraduate and graduate programs.  The educational thrust includes: interdisciplinary solutions to business problems, a global view, and extensive reliance on advanced information technology.  Rigorous interdisciplinary education is combined with practical training through case studies, special projects, and field studies.  Arison graduates command multiples skills that allow them to “hit the ground running” and to achieve high-ranking positions in Israel and abroad.

The Arison faculty is comprised of some of Israel's most prominent Business Administration professors.  Recognized worldwide for their research, Arison professors have strong links with industry, participate on corporate boards, and frequently consult on complicated business transactions. The Arison School of Business offers several areas of specialization:  Finance, Marketing, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship, Tourism Management, and Real Estate Management.  The School also provides overseas course study and training.  Prominent Israeli faculty members have received advanced degrees, taught, and established close ties with foreign academic institutions, such as the Wharton School, University of Michigan, and New York University.  Deeply rooted in both theory and practice, Arison faculty members adeptly address the widest spectrum of decision-making in the business sector.