IDC Executive

Prof. Uriel Reichman, President
Prof. Mario Mikulincer, Provost
Prof. Sharon Rabin-Margaliot, Dean of the Radzyner School of Law
Prof. Zvi Eckstein, Dean of the Arison School of Business
Prof. Tami Tamir, Dean of the Efi Arazi School of Computer Science
Prof. Boaz Ganor, Dean of the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy
Dr. Noam Lemelshtrich-Latar, Dean of the Sammy Ofer School of Communications
Prof. Eran Halperin, Dean of the Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology
Prof. Zvi Eckstein, Dean of the Tiomkin School of Economics
Prof. Yoav Yair, Dean of the School of Sustainability Founded by Israel Corp., ICL & ORL
Mr. Jonathan Davis, Vice President for External Relations and Head of the Raphael Recanati International School
Dr. Taly Eichenwald-Dvir, Dean of Executive and Continuing Education
Dr. Adi Koll, Dean of Students
Dr. Eric Zimmerman, Freedom of Information Officer, Director of Research and international academic relations

IDC Herzliya Board of Directors:
Mr. Oudi Recanati- Chairman, Mr. David Arison, Prof. Israel Borovitz, Mr. Nir Gilad, Mr. Gil Goshen, Mr. Shlomo Dovrat, Mr. Ron Izaki, Mr. Eli Landau, Amb. Ronald S. Lauder, Adv. Rachel Levitan, Mr. Zvika Limon, Ms. Dafna Meitar-Nechmad, Mr. Leonid Nevzlin, Ms. Liora Ofer, Prof. Dov Pekelman, Mr. Shlomo Piotrkovsky, Dr. Harry L. Radzyner, Amb. Zalman Shoval, Dr. Boaz Schwartz.

* Meni Moshe z"l was part of the board of directors from 2001-2015

International Advisory Board and Chairman of the Higher Academic Committee:
Prof. Yoram (Jerry) Wind, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Dr. Ayelet Ben-Ezer, Vice President for Student Affairs, Mr. Rony Lichtenstein, Vice President for Finance, Mr. Avi Nissim- Vice President for Logistics, Ido Sharir, Adv., Vice President, Policy and Government Relations, Golan Zrihan, C.P.A, Vice President for Finance, Mr. Mike Ray, Director of Information Technologies and Computing, Ms. Shiri Av-zuk, Executive Director of Media, Marketing and Events

Office of the President:
Ms. Ravit Benami,
Head of the Office of the President

Ms. Riki Assor- Head of Admissions and Acceptance Administration, Ms. Sylvia Kassoff- Director of Student Affairs, Ms. Rona Oz- Marketing Manager, Ms. Michal Ben-Yehuda- Head of Student Administration for Business Administration, Government, Economics and Sustainability, Ms. Shirley Brodetzki-Porat- Head of Student Administration, MBA and Financial Economics, Ms. Inbal Chen - Spokesperson, Adv. Michal Cotler-Wunsh- Director of International External Relations, Ms. Iris Deshe- Head of Student Administration for Law Studies, Ms. Gili Dinstein- Director of External Relations Israel, Ms. Fanny Galperin- Head of Payroll Department, Ms. Ilil Ginzburg- Director of Events and Productions, Ms. Meggie Gutmann- Chief Accountant, Ms. Dafna Oliel- Director of Personnel for Administrative Staff, Ms. Carine Katz- Head of Student Administration Raphael Recanati International school, Mr. Ilan Kowalsky- Sports Director, Ms. Mimi Laufer- Director of International Marketing,  Ms. Zehavit Loostiger-Levi- Head of Exams and Projects Administration, Ms. Karin Kaufman- Director of the Career Center, Ms. Miri Apel-Herz- Director of the Marc Rich Library, Mr. Eyal Dagan- Director of the Raphael Recanati International School, Ms. Avital Olewski- Director of the Tuition Department, Dr. Adi Koll - Director of the Alumni Association, Mr. Mike Ray - Chief Technology Officer, Ms. Ruth Riesel- Head of Psychological Counseling Services, Ms. Orly Shaked- Director of Personnel for Academic Staff,  Ms. Galit Zvi- Head of Scholarship Department, Ms. Rachel Thomas- Head of Study Skills Center for Learning Disabilities, Ms. Shiri Zilberstein- Head of Student Administration for Communications, Computer Science and Psychology.

Prof. Amnon Rubinstein, Former President, 2006 Israel Prize Laureate in Law