External Relations at IDC HerzliyaOur Friends Across the Globe

IDC Herzliya enjoys the support of friends and supporters in Israel and abroad who play a vital role in realizing the dream of building, maintaining and expanding Israel's first non-profit, private university. The very generous contributions of our friends are our only means of providing scholarships, launching research and educational projects, opening new schools, and constructing classrooms conducive to the pursuit of knowledge, among other activities.

IDC Herzliya does not receive any financial support from the state or from public funds. Tuition fees cover IDC's operating budget. However, donations are the lifeblood of any academic institute, sustaining its growth, and our rapid development renders considerable donations vital.

A large group of friends and supporters have rallied around IDC, demonstrating their belief in the vision of this different type of academy, and many Israeli businesspeople have taken an interest in this extraordinary academic model and have come to our aid.
We invite new friends to join us, in Israel and throughout the world, to help us continue building our international, multidisciplinary university, which combines programs in Hebrew and English and prepares students for the global information age.

For additional information, contact the External Relations Department:

Jonathan Davis
Vice President for External Relations &
Head of the Raphael Recanati International School
Tel: +972-9-9602714
Gili Dinstein
Director of External Relations Israel
Tel: +972-
E-mail: gdinstein@idc.ac.il
  Michal Cotler-Wunsh, Adv.
Director of International External Relations
Tel: +972-9-9527321
Lenore Taplitzky
Executive Director, American Friends of IDC
Tel: 212-213-5962
E-mail: lenore@afidc.org