General student services

• Internet information station
A service for students provided by the IDC Herzliya website, where it is possible to register for courses and issue documents such as: proof of studies, transcript of grades, schedules, confirmation of paid tuition, exam schedules, balance of degree program, etc.
The website also contains considerable information about IDC Herzliya, including the IDC newsletter, information on borrowing books and extending book loans from the library, and information on the activities of the Dean of Student, administrative units, and the Student Union. The website also includes information for graduates, online access to the Career Development Center, and messages from the Alumni Association.
The information booklet for registration and an option for paying registration fees by credit card can also be found on the website.

• Academic information system
Academic information system: Course websites on the internet support course studies and include syllabi, assignments, exercises, sample exams, etc.

• Email
At the start of the first year, all students are given a personal mailbox to be used throughout their studies at IDC Herzliya.

• Distribution of papers:
Reception hours:
Sunday – Thursday - 9 am to 1 pm, 2 pm to 7 pm
Friday - 8 am to 12 noon

• Photocopying services
15 photocopiers are located at the library and in other locations around the campus. The price per copy will be published at the start of the school year.

• Public telephone
Adjacent to the Student Club

• Fax services
Faxes can be received and paid for in the same room as the distribution of papers and exams.
Fax delivery service: Payment will be by telephone call units.

• Printer services
Printers can be used in the computer labs. The price will be published at the start of the school year.

• Student Club
A clubroom is available for the use of the students for social activities, as a meeting place, for relaxation and for watching television.

• Dual purpose sports fields
On campus there is a sports field, showers and changing rooms. Balls, nets etc, can be borrowed from the Student Union.

• Messages for students via cellphone
An external operator will provide information on grades, changes in lesson times, tuition fee balance, and so forth. For details, please see the company’s website:

• Bookshop
Dyonon carries a selection of text books, novels and writing implements. The IDC Herzliya store is included in the chain’s special offers – look for advertisements.

• Cafeteria
Serves hot meals, sandwiches, salads, snacks, hot and cold drinks.
• Automatic vending machines with hot and cold drinks and snacks
Can be found around the campus.

For cash withdrawals, located in the cafeteria.