Lecture Halls and LibraryThe lecture halls are equipped with the most advanced teaching technologies. In each hall, the lecturer’s podium is equipped with a high-speed computer connected to the local network, Internet and cable television. Each hall has a giant screen and digital projector. Students’ seats are equipped with a connection to the local network and a simultaneous translation system. This infrastructure is intended to support digital presentations and the incorporation of Studio Learning technologies and video conferencing in the lessons.
A wireless network operates on campus for the use of students and faculty. This network provides access to various computer services, including internet, on-line databases, email, etc.
The Efi Arazi School of Computer Science and Sammy Ofer School of Communications buildings have an innovative learning environment, in a 6000 sq m building. As well as lecture halls, classrooms and seminar rooms, these buildings also have ultra-modern computer labs , nine studios equipped with the most advanced technologies in the world and cutting-edge communications innovations, including television and radio studios, an audio-visual center for Internet broadcasts, picture and sound processing systems, and a special wing of editing rooms. The new buildings of the Arison School of Business and the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy are also among the world’s most sophisticated teaching facilities. Architect Ada Carmi-Melamed was awarded the Rechter Prize in 2005 for the design of these buildings.
In addition to a catalogue of thousands of books and journals, the state-of-the-art information center in the Marc Rich Library has a network of digital sources allowing free full-text access to thousands of electronic journals. As well as 90 databases in a range of fields, there is internet surfing from all computer terminals. The library has 40 seats, providing comfortable conditions for individual and group study, and places special emphasis on providing service to the students. The architects of the new library, Roy and Adar Seker, were awarded the 2005 Rechter Prize for young architects (up to age 40) for the library renovation.

Reserve Service Coordinating Committee
Students called up for military reserve service who want to appeal to the Reserve Service Coordinating Committee (RSCC) can apply to Shir Peer at the Office of the Dean of Students.
RSCC appeals can be submitted for reserve service of at least 6 days, no later than 30 days before the date of service.
To lodge an appeal, students must have their call-up documents, course schedule and exam schedule (if the reserve service is during the exam period).

Marc Rich LibraryThe library is an active and developing unit and an integral part of the fabric of lessons and research at IDC Herzliya. The library building has been enlarged this year, and now covers over 3000 sq m. The library is computerized and has been designed to suit the needs of a leading academic institution, serving the entire student body and academic faculty of the IDC.
The library collection is constantly growing, adding books, journals and electronic databases, with the accent on developing the collection in different and varied fields.
The library catalogue can be accessed from computers on campus and by remote access, and is intended to help readers find their way around the collection.
The library is staffed by professional librarians and information scientists who are happy to help students learn how to use the computer and search the different databases. For advanced searching, please make an appointment.  The library staff is happy to help students at any time.