IDC Herzliya Hillel House

Hillel Israel seeks to emphasize the relevance of Jewish life to today’s Israeli students and young adults, inspiring them to explore their Jewish identity and to feel a sense of belonging to “The Global Jewish People.”
 Hillel Israel engags over 20,000 students per year in meaningful Jewish experiences.
Hillel IDC, in partnership with The Raphael Recanati International School's Social and Cultural Program, offers internatational and Israeli students various opportunities to connect around events, programs and holidays that emphesize the relevence of the global Jewish Family to us all.

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Our Programs:
Zachor v'Kabed: "Remember and Honor"
An annual program comprising volunteering with Holocaust survivors and enriching group meetings about remembrance in Israeli society.
Participants are very active and take part in organizing  awareness events  on campus and meet with other students from around the country.
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Reflections: A joint program for Israeli and international students, of 5 meetings along the first semester, talking about the connection between Jews from all over the world and its reflections in the Arts? We will discuss film, poetry, literature and more.
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VeHi SheAmdah: an annual program exploring feminism and Judaism.
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Jew Box, in partnership with International Radio:
A weekly program about Judaism and Jewish life in Israel and the world.
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Weekly Gemarah Shiur: In these meetings we delve into fascinating issues in the various aspects of Jewish private and civil law. We illuminate Talmudic insights regarding the human nature, ethics, natural justice, common sense, rethorics and psychology. Learn how the Jewish scholar's aspiration for moderation and solidarity includes rules to avoid separatism and radicalism.
The shiur is generously donated by Dov and Amy Kesselman.
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Our events:
The Seymour Fox Friday Night Dinner Series sponsored by Erica and Mark Gerson
Monthly Hillel IDC Herzliya Sabbath Dinner, enabling Jewish celebration and a home away from home. This is true experience of the pluralistic and multicultural IDC student body, bringing together students from both Israeli and the International School. Each dinner features a diverse, educating and exciting experience.
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The Maidenbaum Family Shabbaton: Once a year, students are taken off campus for a weekend trip to celebrate Shabbat. Each Shabbaton is celebrated in a different location of Israel. It includes hiking, sightseeing, fun workshops, Shabbat meal, services and much more.
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Celebrating the holidays: Celebrations are held for all the Jewish holidays: Hanukkah candle-lighting, Purim celebration with Megila reading in the local pub and hosting a costume party, Lag Ba'omer festival featuring Israeli top music bands, holding dance party and a huge bonfire.
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Volunteering opportunities: During the year, we will hold various volunteering
days as Good Deeds Day.
*Volunteers with Hillel are eligible for the Dean's Scholarship.
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Contact us at (  09-9602892