IDC Herzliya Hillel House

The IDC Herzliya Hillel House serves as a hub for Jewish activities on campus and a platform that enables a variety of student initiatives. It aims to enrich students’ lives with meaningful Jewish experiences, inspiring them to enrich the Jewish people and the world. The IDC Herzliya Hillel House strives to meet the specific needs of international, veteran Israeli and new immigrant students through activities that celebrate the broad spectrum of languages and cultures in Israel. Activities include Friday night Shabbat dinners, trips around Israel, weekend seminars and celebrations of Jewish and Israeli holidays.

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Hillel's Annual Activity Program

Hillel House functions at IDC Herzliya as an arm of the RRIS social and cultural program, offering international and Israeli students a range of activities revolving around the Jewish calendar and aimed at strengthening Jewish identity.

“IDC-Hillel seeks to emphasize the relevance of Jewish life to today’s international and Israeli students and young adults, inspiring them to explore their Jewish identity and to feel a sense of belonging to the global Jewish people,” says Boyanna Grubeshich, IDC-Hillel director.
“The greatest part of my job is that it empowers the students to take ownership over their identity through a meaningful, positive Jewish experience. Students are the ones who are leading our programs and creating the possibility for their peers to take part in our community on campus.”

The Jewish Calendar
Shabbat Dinners
 – The Seymor Fox Friday Night Dinners – Held once a month for some 200 students,  are sponsored by Mark and Erica Gerson, and create a warm Friday night atmosphere for students who are away from home. The dinners include traditional foods, prayers and singing.

Jewish holidays – Celebrations are held for all the Jewish holidays: Hanukkah candle-lighting in collaboration with the student body at campus and hosting the president and vice president of the IDC, Tu Bishvat  tree-planting, Purim celebration with Megila reading in the local pub and hosting a costume party, Lag Ba'omer festival featuring Israeli top music bands, holding dance party and a huge bonfire.

Weekends – Once each semester, students are taken off campus for a weekend trip to celebrate Shabbat We have visited such spots as a Druze village on Mount Carmel on Friday, before traveling on to spend Shabbat at Kibbutz Nes Ammim in Israel’s north, Ein Gedi natural resort, Jerusalem and Tzfat.

Programs and Learning Workshops
Mitch and Joleen Julis Prayer room – the new prayer room offers a place for students to go for morning, afternoon and evening prayers, or for quiet traditional meditation.

Parashat ha Shavua sessions  – Held in collaboration with the Nevzlin Center for Jewish Peoplehood Studies, these sessions on Parshat Hashavua are held once a fortnight for men and women to provide a pluralistic understanding of that week’s Torah portion. 

Beit Midrash – With separate groups for French, Hebrew and English speakers, these weekly study groups are open to both men and women seeking to discover the Jewish texts.

Gemara Shiurim –  These advanced study sessions are held twice a week and enable men who wish to study in a traditional hevruta to do so, led by IDC Herzliya alumni.

The Power of Woman – student led initiative enabling discussion and empowerment through a Jewish text discussing mysticism. These gatherings are held once a month.

Talmud Aviv – Sponsored by the UJA - Federation of New York and the Jewish Agency for Israel. The project aims to bring the culture of philosophical debate into students' lives, by conducting bi weekly study session. A side of the educational enrichment students have to initiative three local social activity projects.

Nitzanim with Olim -  HILELL IDC &IDC ENTREPRENUERSHIP CLUB collaboration.
Helping OLIM entrepreneurs with their businesses. The first and only entrepreneurship club program in English exclusive to RRIS students.

Nitzanim with Haredi community – Hillel IDC & IDC Entrepreneurship club collaboration.
Helping Haredi community with their businesses. Students learn about the community, their costume, true the encounter with the community leaders such as rabbi's and government officials. Students meet the community while helping the community to develop their business. This encounter creates a unique opportunity for those two groups to meet and discuss Judaism in a respectful way.
During the Hanukkah holiday students participate in a Bnei Brak tour and learn about the different Jewish traditions around the holiday.

Zionism 2.0 – 2nd semester program which enables students to meet different religious officials, and learn about different Zionism and religious streams in Israel, their challenges and their vision for better Jewish-Democratic state.

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