Activities of the Raphael Recanati International School
The IDC Annual International FestivalA day of “cultural immersion” that exposes the unique cultures of each of the participating countries. Further InformationGetting to know the Land of IsraelThe school organizes a number of trips for students during the academic year.Further InformationBicycle TripDuring the academic year, a bicycle trip is held for students, faculty and administrative staff in the Jerusalem Mountains.Further Information"The Mincha Club"The Mincha Club is a gathering of academic and administrative staff, international and Israeli students who daven Mincha. Further InformationThe Ambassadors ClubThe Raphael Recanati International School established the club in cooperation with the "Stand With Us" organization.Further InformationRRIS Summer UlpanThe RRIS Summer Hebrew Ulpan allows IDC students to learn Hebrew during the summer vacation.Further InformationThe IDC IdolThe IDC Idol is an event which displays talent, provides a memorable evening and serves a good cause.Further InformationSocial and Cultural EventsDuring the academic year the students are offered a wide variety of social and cultural activities. Further InformationStudents in the Raphael Recanati International School Serving the CommunityThe program enables students to volunteer during the course of their studies, in a variety of projects.Further InformationThe Ambassadors ClubThe club’s goal is to help students broaden their knowledge of public diplomacy issues and acquire tools to represent Israel both at home and abroad.Further InformationThe Mincha ClubThe Mincha Club is a gathering of academic and administrative staff, international and Israeli students who daven Mincha.Further InformationSummer UlpanDuring the summer vacation, an ulpan in Hebrew language is held on campus, in cooperation with the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption.Further InformationIsrael’s First Fraternity - AEPiAlpha Epsilon Pi is the world’s largest Jewish fraternity. The fraternity’s main goal is to encourage Jewish leadership in the fields of business, governance, education, science and more while acquiring practical experience in these fields.Further Information