Welcome to IDCThe Interdisciplinary Center was established in 1994 in the City of Herzliya. The uniqueness that the center brings to Israeli academia is expressed in its surroundings. The IDC campus is designed to be an academic village, which encourages the pursuit of knowledge and is characterized by a tranquil atmosphere, broad lawns, decorative flowerbeds, fountains, and outdoor sculptures. Lecture halls and classrooms are equipped with innovative, state-of-the-art teaching facilities. Visitors find it difficult to believe that the campus was formerly an army base.
The campus also is home to a sculpture garden consisting of works by artist Bernard Radar that Devorah Shocken, IDC curator and manager of the artist's estate, loaned to the center.
Sculptures by Israeli artists such as Ya'acov Dorchin, David Fine, Vardina Wind, Dalia Raizel, Peter Buger, Ruth Mandel and Harry Brown adorn the campus. Friends of the center have loaned and donated the paintings by Israeli and foreign artists that decorate its buildings.
On campus one also can find antiquities that the Israel Antiquities Authority has generously loaned to the center in perpetuity. They include a sarcophagus from the Classical Roman period, a statue of Apollo unearthed near Ashkelon, and Roman pillars.
Modern lecture halls, a state-of-the-art library, computer and communications networks equipped with some of the world's most advanced technology, a cafeteria, a bookstore from the Dionun chain, a lounge, and sports facilities equipped with locker rooms and showers are among the many conveniences available on campus to all students and faculty members.
The campus of the Interdisciplinary Center, built on the belief that the student is the main client, transforms the learning experience into a uniquely enjoyable experience.