"Makom Balev"

The IDC Herzliya Alumni Association has set the goal to better the future for young people of Israelof helping the community through active involvement.

IDC graduates, who are forging ahead in many different sectors of the economy, have created "a place in their heart" for the future generation of the Alumni Association.

The IDC Alumni Association is promoting a unique campaign, the first of its kind in Israel, following the example of leading academic institutions around the world: “A place in the heart – IDC Herzliya alumni on behalf of needy students".

IDC Herzliya’s 16,000 alumni are encouraged to take part in this campaign and donate to one or more of the following projects at IDC Herzliya:

  • Scholarships for economically disadvantaged students.
  • Scholarships for outstanding Ethiopian immigrant youth.
  • Keren Or scholarships for students with academic potential from development towns.
  • The Study Skills Center Academic Programs.

Your contribution to this campaign will give those who need it a real chance of an excellent higher education. In donating to this important cause, you are joining the circle of graduates who donate scholarships every year and make it possible for underprivileged students to realize their dreams, fulfill themselves, and thus contribute to society as a whole.

Donations can be made in the following ways:

  • Credit card – Donations form
  • Bank transfer: to Bank Leumi -10, branch 864, Galgalei Ha-plada 11, Herzliya Pituach, account no. 266200/36
  • Bank check made out to: IDC Herzliya, and sent to IDC Herzliya, POB 167, Herzliya 4610101