New Appointments

Ronen Ginzburg

MA Graduate in Business Administration (2005) was appointed as CEO of Denya Cebus, a subsidiary of Africa-Israel Group.

Denya Cebus is a construction Company specializing in housing and infrastructure, has offices in Israel, Romania and Russia.

Dana Miselevich

B.A. from the Arison School of Business (2005) was appointed as the Head of Advertising of IKEA Israel.

Gil Holtzman,

A graduate of Law and Business Management (2001) and an MA in Business Management (2002) has been appointed as VP Business Development at the Adler-Chomsky & Warshavsky Group.

The Adler-Chomsky & Warshavsky Group is the second largest advertising agency in Israel. The group also includes a design studio, interactive media agency, sectored agencies for the Arab, Russian and ultra-orthodox markets, an agency for small budget campaigns, a direct marketing (B2B) firm, as well as lobbying and PR agencies.



Adv. Ohad Altman
LLB from Radzyner School of Law (2006) joined the law firm Chaim Zelichov & Co., which specializes in the fields of Insurance, litigation, medical malpractice and general torts. In addition the firm specializes in commercial litigation, petitioning the High Court of Justice representing companies and institutions in arbitrations and mediations.

Adv. Keren Zarko Zamir
LLB from Radzyner School of Law (2004) was appointed Head of the Criminal Taxes Department at the Shai Einat Law and Accounting Firm, which specializes in real estate taxes, income taxes, VAT, tax litigation, juridical opinions, tax planning, implementation of real estate and commercial business transactions, including dismantling as part of the taxation plan. 

Adv. Dana Wolf
LLB from Radzyner School of Law (2001) was recently appointed as the Philanthropic Manager of the Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation, which decreed the development and expansion of Caesarea and supports and encourages higher education and cultural programs in Israel.

Rona Davis
B.A. from the Arison School of Business (2005) was appointed as Vice President of Eden Communications – a Strategic Consulting and Public Relations Company, which specializes in the fields of finance, law, infrastructures, transportation, real estate and non profit organizations.

Yoav Zur
B.A. from the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy (2004). Appointed as Editor of the Ma'ariv Newpaper.