An Alternate Model for the Academy

The Interdisciplinary Center aspires to become a university that brings a distinctive new experience to Israeli academia. Its academic approach is characterized by an interdisciplinary spirit par excellence; its organizational framework ensures it financial independence; its face is turned toward the international business community. The center's main goal is to provide professional training to Israelis in the fields of business, politics, law, and computer science, with a wide-ranging awareness of the environment of the 21st Century. The center will present international programs in English, bringing together outstanding Israeli students with their counterparts from around the world. This will also allow the center to familiarize its students with the nature of the world beyond Israel's borders.
The founders of the Interdisciplinary Center dreamed of and established an alternate model for the academy. It is an academy that strives to be equal to the greatest institutions of higher education in the world and to become a source of inspiration to the university system in every nation.