Academic and Administrative Independence

The Interdisciplinary Center is a private, non-profit institution. It is managed as a company that serves the public and does not provide revenue to its founders or to any other outside source. Its expenses are covered fully by tuition and donations. The Interdisciplinary Center makes a point of not receiving a budget or subsidy from the government budgetary system for higher education in order to maintain complete academic and administrative freedom; its only obligation is to its students and their education. The center's administration reserves for itself the right to make all budgetary decisions regarding setting tuition fees, faculty salaries, and development plans.
The center charges its students a realistic tuition, and provides its faculty with a fair salary. The center's founders, who aspire to offer a quality education equal to that available at elite foreign universities, believe that this is the way to stimulate its faculty members to strive for excellence, to continually test curriculums and teaching methods, to be involved with, take interest in and learn about the students, and to constantly keep up with developments in the international marketplace and knowledge.