Class of 2009

Rachel Adelman (Government, RRIS)—American/Israeli (1982)
Rachel served as a tank instructor in the Israeli Armored Corps.  She was a participant in the StandWithUs Israel advocacy program at IDC. Rachel has worked as a Legislative Assistant in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and at the Jewish Agency in Israel.  She has worked with special needs children at an Israeli elementary school and currently works at Israel Experience's Career Israel Program as a Placement Coordinator. Rachel has been accepted to the MA in Political Science, specializing in Democracy, Citizenship and Civic Education at the Hebrew University. Rachel plans to pursue a career in education and public policy.  She speaks English and Hebrew.
Abby Amit (Government, RRIS)—English/Israeli (1981)
Abby served as a combat soldier and a commander in the Israeli Artillery, where she was recognized as an outstanding soldier by the Minister of Defense.  She has extensive internship experience in the fields of strategic international relations and negotiation, in conflict resolution, as well as working as a research assistant regarding public policy innovations.  At IDC, Abby works at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) and participates in StandWithUs. Abby has been accepted to the MA in Political Science at the Hebrew University. She plans a career in public policy.  Abby speaks English, Hebrew, and Swahili.
Ron Ben-Simon (Government, RRIS)—Canadian/Israeli (1982)

Ron was active in the Habonim Dror Youth Organization in Canada. He served in an IDF Special Forces Unit.  At IDC, he participated in the Ambassador’s Club and volunteers at an after school program for elementary school students. Ron will soon be studying for his Masters degree in security studies at Kings College. He plans a career in security. Ron speaks English and Hebrew and is studying Arabic.
Dana Elman (Law and Government)—Israeli (1984)
Dana served in the IDF Intelligence Corps. She founded and is leading “Bursting the Bubble of Indifference", a student-group for strengthening Israelis under rocket attacks. She is the Raphael Recanati International School’s Counselors’ Coordinator and volunteers in the “Child Victim Assistance Program” of the National Council for the Child.  She served as Chair of her high school student council and was its representative in a delegation to China. Dana plans a career in Israel advocacy combined with social activism. She will be interning at the Ombudsman of the Israeli Judiciary in the Ministry of Justice working with Supreme Court Judge E. Goldberg. She speaks English, Hebrew, French and Spanish.
Tali Farkas (Government, RRIS)—German/Israeli (1985)
Tali was a leader and educator in the Jewish Youth Movement in Germany. At IDC, she is a member of the debate team, the Ambassador’s Club and participates in several IDC sports teams including soccer, chess and table tennis. Tali has interned at ILI, an organization for public diplomacy and Israel advocacy in Germany and works at the Center for European Studies at IDC. She volunteers at Magen David Adom. Tali speaks English, Hebrew, German and French.
Shiri Fein (Law and Government)—Israeli (1983)
Shiri served in the Israeli Air Force in an operation room of a combat squadron.  She is a counselor at the Radzyner School of Law for first year students and was a member of the IDC student council. She is an active member of the legal clinic of the Movement for Quality Government in Israel at IDC. Shiri participated in the StandWithUs advocacy fellowship at IDC and plans a career combining law and Israel advocacy. Following graduation, she will be interning at the Israeli National Security Council. She speaks English and Hebrew.
Rachel Gur (Law and Government)—American/Israeli (1984)
Rachel served in the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit and has extensive media experience. She has volunteered at the Tel Aviv District Labor Court and as a PR and fundraising coordinator for Mesila, a non-profit that cares for the children of refugees and foreign workers. Rachel worked for three years as the personal assistant to the legal advisor of IDC Herzliya and plans to intern at the international corporate department of Yigal Arnon & Co. Rachel speaks English and Hebrew.
Ido Herman (Government, RRIS)—Israeli (1981)
Ido served in the IDF's Air Force Special Unit "Shaldag", where he was recognized as an outstanding soldier. He has broad experience as an educator in his kibbutz youth movement “Hanoar Ha’oved Ve’halomed.” Ido plans a career devoted to promoting peace in the Middle East via diplomacy, education, and economic cooperation. He speaks English and Hebrew and is studying Arabic.
Emmanuel Heymann (Government, RRIS)—French/Luxembourgian (1987)
Emmanuel has been active in many Jewish youth movements in France, England, and Luxembourg. He has worked at the HSBC Private Bank (Luxembourg) and has volunteered at the Magen David Adom and at several hospitals in Israel.  At IDC, he works at the ICT and at the Center for European Studies. Emmanuel has been accepted to the Masters program in international relations at the London School of Economics. Emmanuel plans a career with the Israeli Foreign Ministry. He speaks English, Hebrew, French, German, Italian, Luxembourgish and is studying Arabic.
Yaniv Jamber (Government, RRIS)—Ethiopian/Israeli (1984)
Yaniv grew up in Ramle where he volunteered in several youth movements. He served in the IDF in logistics and then worked as a Jewish Agency summer camp counselor in the US.  At IDC, he participates in the Ambassador’s Club, the Entrepreneurship Club, and StandWIthUS. He organized an Ethiopian cultural event on campus and worked as an intern at SLS Capital Hedge Fund in NYC. Yaniv has received the Fulbright scholarship and is currently applying to universities in the US. He plans a career in improving social aspects of Israel and advocacy. He speaks English, Hebrew and Amharic.
Liat Madnick (Government, Lauder)—Israeli/American (1983)
Liat served in the IDF Intelligence Corps. She was a youth group leader, counselor and tutor in various programs on Kibbutz Yavne. She has volunteered as a youth center and counseling manager in Herzliya and in Jerusalem. At IDC, she is a peer counselor and a researcher for the ICT's "Hosen" website aimed at educating teenagers about terrorism. Liat currently works at the Prime Minister's Office and plans a career involving security and diplomacy. She speaks English and Hebrew.
Daniella Namvar (Government, RRIS)—American (1988)
Daniella is an active member in her Persian community in Los Angeles, California and worked as an intern for AIPAC. She serves on the IDC student union executive board as a representative and coordinator for the government program. She is also an active member of Hillel, the debate team, the Ambassador’s Club and the women’s soccer team. She does extensive volunteer work tutoring underprivileged students. Daniella speaks English, Hebrew, Farsi, Spanish and is studying Arabic and German.
Yael Ohayon (Government, RRIS)—Canadian/Israeli (1976)
Yael has worked as an event planner and has organized missions to Israel. She has served on the boards of Table to Table and her synagogue. She participates in a wide range of volunteer activities from helping Agunot (women unable to obtain divorces) to initiating several projects to help sick children. She is on the IDC running team and a marathon runner. Yael is married with 3 children. Yael will be studying for her Masters with Thesis at the IDC. She speaks English, Hebrew, French and is studying Arabic.
Federico Petrelli (Government, RRIS)—Italian (1987)
Federico works as a financial news stringer for a Financial Times subsidiary. He previously collaborated with the Center for Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) at IDC, dealing with Middle East research, and worked as a translator for Media Central in Jerusalem. Federico will be studying in the Masters Program for Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Federico plans a career in the Israeli Foreign Ministry. He speaks English, Hebrew, Italian, French, Arabic and Spanish.
Itamar Rosen (Government and Business)—Israeli/British (1979)
Itamar served in the IDF Intelligence Corps. Prior to his studies, he worked in business management in Israel, the US and the UK. He also studied an advanced religious curriculum in Yeshiva and was a member of a weekly political radio show on the Voice of Israel. At IDC, he is the founder and chairman of the Interdisciplinary Project for Government, a student organization dedicated to policy change. He speaks English and Hebrew.
Revital Karin Sela (Government, Lauder)—Israeli (1983)

Revital served as a training officer in the IDF Personnel Division. She studied abroad for two years in Germany and currently works in the Prime Minister's Office. At IDC, she works at the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center as the co-editor of the MERIA news online edition. She manages the Meretz party’s activities at IDC and takes an active part in promoting the Geneva Initiative. Revital will be studying for her Masters in Public Policy at the Hebrew University.  Revital speaks English, Hebrew, German and Japanese.
Or Shniadower (Government and Business)—Israeli (1984)
Or completed his IDF service as Staff-Sergeant in the Communication Corps. He has work experience in companies such as UPS and Ness Technologies. At IDC, he is the Vice Chairman for Objectives of the Interdisciplinary Movement for Government and volunteers in collecting food products for underprivileged communities. He plans a career that will address issues such as the environment, green energy and education. Or speaks Hebrew, English and Spanish.
Ehud (Udi) Tsur (Government, Lauder)—Israel (1976)
Udi serves as an officer in the IDF Armored Corps and has held command posts throughout the 7th Brigade, most recently Brigade Reconnaissance Commander. He represented the Armored Corps in the US Captain Career Course at Fort Knox. At IDC, he participates in the Ofek program for IDF officers and is a member of the Ofek Leadership Forum. Udi is married and has a baby girl. Udi plays professional volleyball. He plans to return to the military following graduation. Udi speaks English, Hebrew and is studying Arabic.

Asaf Tzachor (Government, Lauder)—Israeli (1984)
Asaf served as a Company Commander in the IDF officer's academy and was Honored as a paratrooper, a cadet and a commander. At IDC, he participated in StandWithUs Fellowship, the Ambassador’s Club, and the debate team. He also serves as a peer counselor and works with high risk youth. He is a Partner in a Telecommunication company and a Regional Executive in StandWithUs. Asaf plans a career combining academia and government. He speaks English, Hebrew, French and is studying Arabic.

Argov Fellows 2009 Graduation Ceremony