Class of 2008

Ronit Appel (Law and Government) – American/Israeli (1986)
During the course of her studies at the IDC, Ronit served as an Editorial Board Member of the IDC Law Review, a member of the debate team, and a member of student council. Ronit also worked as a Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant for Prof. Natan Lerner, a Senior Lecturer of Public International Law. During her summer breaks, Ronit worked at law firms in NYC and interned with a New York State Supreme Court Judge. As a high school student, she worked in the legal department of the American Jewish Congress and wrote for The Jewish Week newspaper. Ronit is currently working at Meitar Liquornik Geva & Leshem Brandwein Law Offices, one of Israel's most prestigious law firms. She plans a career combining law and Israel advocacy. Ronit speaks English, Hebrew, and Russian.

Amit Ashkenazi (Government, Lauder) - Israeli (1980)
Amit served as an officer in the IDF combat engineering corps. He was the head of the Kol Kore student social activism organization and has widespread volunteer experience with youth in Israel and abroad. Amit is a Koret Fellow, a fellowship sponsored by the Milken Institute and the Koret Foundation aimed at deepening the decision making processes of Israeli parliamentarians by providing research analysis to elected officials and professional public servants.  He is working on environmental policy for Israeli Knesset Member Dov Hanin. He also works at Praxis, a consulting firm providing reframing strategies, methods and tools.  He plans to devote his career to promoting human rights. Amit speaks English, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish and Arabic.

Ariel Baum (Government, RRIS) - South African/Israeli (1982)
Ariel served in the IDF’s Nahal Infantry Brigade. He has worked as a counselor and tutor in various programs at Kibbutz Sasa and for the Habonim Dror youth movement in South Africa. At IDC, he is a member of the debate team, the Ambassador’s Club, and a peer counselor. Ariel spent the 2008 summer semester in Crete through Georgetown University. He is now travelling. Ariel speaks English, Hebrew and Afrikaans.
Jubal Biggs (Government, RRIS) - American/Israeli (1977)
Jubal served in the IDF 202nd Paratroops Brigade. Previously, he worked for U.S. Congressman Wally Herger (CA) and has an extensive background in security. At IDC Herzliya, he is vice president of the debate team, a member of the student council, and a participant in the Ambassador’s Club. Jubal plans a career in government and following graduation and is working as a legislative assistant on Capital Hill.
Avishag Bohbot (Government, RRIS) - Israeli (1982)                                              Avishag served in the IDF intelligence corps. She is a participant in the StandWithUs advocacy program and IDC’s Ambassador’s Club. In addition to experience in the private sector, she has volunteered as a youth guide for horse-back riding. Following graduation, Avishag interned at "Audax Group", a private equity firm in Boston. She plans a career in government or business. Avishag speaks English, Hebrew, Spanish and Arabic.

Koby Cohen (Government, Lauder) - Israeli (1979)
Koby is studying at IDC Herzliya as part of the Ofek program for excellent IDF officers. Prior to his studies, he served as a company commander in the IDF combat engineering corps, where he was awarded the chief of staff’s excellence award. He studied international tour management at Haifa University and returned to the military following graduation. Koby speaks English and Hebrew.
Roy Cohen (Law and Government) - Israeli (1980)
Roy served as an officer (Cap.) in the IDF 202nd paratroops. In addition to longstanding involvement in youth and student politics at all levels, he served as a “Young Ambassador” representative for the Israeli Foreign Ministry in Canada. Roy was the head of the intelligence department in the Tel-Aviv district courts and he currently is working as a legal intern at "Gornitzky & Co. - Advocates and Notaries". He plans a career in law and government. Roy speaks English, Hebrew and Arabic.
Oded Diner (Government, Lauder) - Israeli (1978)
Oded served in the IDF’s Nahal unit. He has broad experience as a leader and educator on social justice issues with Amnesty International, “Hanoar Ha’oved Ve’halomed” youth movement, and several educational centers. He plans a career combining academia and social activism and is a Koret - Milken Institute Fellow working on economic analysis for decision makers. Currently, he provides economic policy analysis for an Israeli Knesset member. Oded speaks English and Hebrew.
Sara Freedman (Government, RRIS) - Canadian/Israeli (1984)
Sara has worked as a journalist and has extensive volunteer experience ranging from working with abused children to creating a holocaust awareness program in Canadian public schools. During the recent municipal elections, Sara held a leadership position in the "Wake Up Jersualem!" party and represented the party in radio, print and television interviews. Sara is currently working in international health policy at the Israel Medical Association (IMA) where her tasks include researching global health issues (such as disparities in health and task shifting), maintaining communications with the World Medical Association and the European Forum of Medical Associations and WHO (both of whom are presided over by the IMA) and the coordination of visiting dignitaries. She speaks English and Hebrew.

Diego Grodzicki (Government, RRIS) - Uruguayan/Israeli (1980)
Diego served in the IDF artillery. He earned a B.A. in international business from the Commerce School of Paris. In addition to extensive business experience, he was a co-founder of IDC’s model UN. Diego plans a government career. Diego is currently studying for his MA in Europeans Studies at the IDC, Herzliya. Next year he will be continuing his studies in Germany. He speaks English, Hebrew, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese.
Assaf Irony (Law and Government) - Israeli (1980)
Assaf served as an officer in the IDF combat engineering corps. He is a youth center manager and counseling manager in the Ra’anana municipality’s youth department. Assaf was the IDC Coordinator for the Stand With Us advocacy program and has led youth exchanges to Germany. He currently is working as a legal intern at the State Attorney Justice Department and the Department of Real Estate and Law Enforcement. He plans a career in the Public Sector. Assaf speaks English and Hebrew.
Tal Kita (Government, Lauder) - Israeli (1982)
Tal served as an officer in the IDF intelligence corps. She has a diploma in public relations from Haifa University. She has volunteered as an Israeli fellow emissary to Hillel Canada and worked as a counselor and teacher at Ulpan Akiva and Kivunim—New Directions youth program. She is currently the Director of the International Program for KIVUNIM: New Directions, an academic program in Israel for Jewish high school graduates from around the world. The students explore the contemporary life of international Jewish communities through study and visits to Morocco, India, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Tal plans a career in Israel-Diaspora relations. She speaks English, Hebrew and Arabic.
Radek Lakomy (Government, RRIS) - Czech/Israeli (1976)
Radek served in the Czech and Israeli Special Forces. He has worked as a security manager, rescue diver, and martial arts instructor. He is currently an intern at the Czech embassy. He plans a career involving security and diplomacy. Radek speaks English, Hebrew, Czech, Russian, Slovakian, Polish, and German.

Mira Marcus (Government, Lauder) - American/Israeli (1983)
Mira Marcus is the top advisor to the Minister of Public Security, MK Avi Dicter. During her studies she worked and volunteered in the field of advocacy, and was sent on a speaking tour to tell "Israel's side of the story". Mira served in the IDF as an instructor in the bomb squad, teaching soldiers from elite units how to dismantle bombs in life threatening situations. Following graduation, Mira was the public affairs adviser to the Minister of Public Security, Avi Dichter and she has now been awarded the Legacy Heritage Fellowship. Mira seeks a career in Diplomacy and Advocacy.

Eduardo Missri (Government, RRIS) - Mexican/Israeli (1984)
Eduardo was a leader and educator in the Zionist youth movement in Mexico. In addition to widespread business experience, he was a co-founder of IDC’s model UN. Eduardo worked as a research assistant in the Program in Applied Decision Analysis (PADA) at IDC Herzliya. Eduardo is currently serving in the IDF Spokesperson Unit as a reporter for the Internet website. He speaks English, Hebrew and Spanish.
Lianne Pollak (Government, Lauder) - Israeli (1983)
Lianne served as an officer in the IDF intelligence corps, where she was recognized as the outstanding soldier in her officer’s course. She participates in the Stand With Us advocacy organization and has worked as a counselor for Birthright. Lianne is a horse riding instructor and champion horse show jumper. Lianne was awarded the Legacy Heritage Fellowship and works in the Prime Minister’s Office. She speaks English, Hebrew and German.
Roni Porat (Government, Lauder) - Israeli (1983)
Roni served as a social services officer in the IDF personnel division. She worked as a news editor at Ha’aretz and is undertaking additional studies for a journalism certificate at IDC. She was a member of student council and a peer counselor. Prior to her studies, she was a long-time leader in the Israeli Scouts. Following graduation, Roni worked for the Peres Center for Peace. Roni now works at the Economic Cooperation Foundation (ECF) and is also studying for her MA with thesis at the IDC, Herzliya. Roni speaks English and Hebrew.
Gideon Scher (Government, RRIS) - South African/Israeli (1972)
Gideon served in the IDF Nahal infantry brigade. He also served for eight years in the Israeli Police Force as a patrol officer in the force's Jerusalem District. He was given an award, recognizing him as an outstanding police officer. Gideon is currently a researcher at IDC’s Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT). He has also worked as a river guide in South Africa. Gideon was awarded the Legacy Heritage Fellowship and currently works at the ICT. He speaks English, Hebrew and Afrikaans.
Steven Schmerz (Government, RRIS) - Austrian (1985)
Steven was a leader in the Zionist youth movement in Germany. He has worked at a patent law firm in Munich and as a foreign relations intern in the Senate Chancellery in Berlin. Steven plans a career in political communication and is currently a research associate for a law firm in Washington, DC and a Project Manager for Verbalis. He speaks English, Hebrew, German and French.
Era Segev (Government, Lauder) - Israeli (1980)
Era grew up in Moshav Ma'ale Gamla in the Golan Heights. Era served for five years as an officer with an F16 fighter squadron in the Israeli Air Force. She was a youth group leader and did a year of service as a youth leader guide in the Negev. At IDC, she was a member of the debate team and won the 2008 Israeli Debating Championship.  Era is currently working as the Executive Assistant of the Israeli Ambassador to the USA in Washington. Era speaks English, Hebrew and Spanish.
Alon Shtauber (Government, Lauder) - Israeli (1981)
Alon served as a company commander in the IDF armored corps, where he received an award for excellence at every level of his military service. He served in the Prime Minister’s Office as a team leader and worked for a strategic business consulting firm following graduation.  Alon is now studying his MBA in Sydney, Australia. Alon speaks English and Hebrew.
Ayela Ziv (Government, RRIS) - Australian/Israel (1980)
Ayela served in the Israeli Air Force. Prior to IDC, she studied social work in Australia. She has broad business experience and was a logistics manager at a pharmaceutical company for three years. She plans a career that will address social issues in Israel. Ayela is currently the Program Coordinator of the Argov Program. Ayela speaks English and Hebrew.

Argov Fellows 2008 Graduation Ceremony