The Academic Goal 

The Argov Program has a unique curriculum, conducted entirely in English, with the goal of providing the Fellows with both the knowledge and skills to solve some of Israel’s toughest problems. The academic courses cover a wide range of issues, ranging from in-depth analysis of American and European society and politics to reform in the public sector and decision making. In addition, in order to provide essential practical skills for their future careers, the Fellows participate in a number of "hands on" workshops in areas including, but not limited to, working with the media, leadership, and public speaking and debate. Leading academic and professional experts teach these workshops exclusively to Argov Fellows.

During the fellowship year, the students participate in study tours to Europe and the United States and have the opportunity to interact with prominent leaders from a wide range of fields. Within the context of the “Argov Seminar”, the Fellows work on capstone group projects that propose solutions to areas of relevant policy concern.

Argov Fellows (2007-2008) in Boston speak with Eric Rosenbach, Executive Director of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University

Argov Fellows (2006-2007) participating in a roundtable discussion at the Israeli Supreme Court